A Vision for Bear Flat Centre

The Bear Flat Association is preparing a paper with ideas for the local centre at Bear Flat.

The aim is to put forward a vision for improving Bear Flat Centre over the next five years. The intention is to stimulate debate and spark more ideas – and to get everyone working together to make a better centre.

We’d welcome views on the emerging draft here (PDF, 184 Kb).

Please send comments and suggestions to planning@bearflat.org.uk  


Bath & North East Somerset Council commissioned BFA to produce a Conservation Area Study which was published in April 2020 in an unusual partnership between a local authority and an association like ours.

As well as being a planning document, the study offers an interesting read for everyone about the locality and its character.  56 photographs portray the area. Did you know, for example, that the area has over 100 listed buildings and six trees/groups of trees important enough to have preservation orders? That and more are in the study.

The primary purpose is better understanding of the area’s importance within the Conservation Area and to help ensure that developments preserve or enhance the special character. It will be a significant input into our discussions about the future of Bear Flat Centre. Find out more