Business Directory

Bear Flat businesses are listed here under business category.  Listings of categories and businesses within a category are alphabetical.  The directory is offered as a useful information source.  The BFA does not endorse or take any responsibility for the products and services offered by these businesses.

If you are not shown and would like to be included on the directory, please email the BFA at

Businesses participating in the BFA members incentive scheme are marked with an asterisk *.  Businesses that have previously sponsored BFA events are marked with a #.

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David J Edmunds & Co

Beauty and Hairstyling
Bliss Beauty
Jessica’s Hair and Beauty
Nino’s Barbers – 3 Hayes Place
S J Beauty   *

T P Richards

Estate Agents
Andrews Estate Agents #
Bath Stone Property  #

Space Gym   *
Zita Alves  *

Gifts, Crafts and Flowers
Floral Touch
Julia Davey  *
Silver Bear   *

Bath Health Care Clinic
Gill Ruffles Hypnotherapy
The Royce Clinic
Treat Feet
Wellsway Chiropractic Clinic Bath
Wellsway Dental Practice
Wellsway Pharmacy

Hotels, Bed and Breakfast
Bear Hotel #
Devonshire House Bed and Breakfast
Milton House Hotel

Household Goods and Fittings
House of Radiators
Newlook Windows

Mobile Phones
Carphone Warehouse

Majestic Wine

Dogs of Bath  *

Restaurants, Cafes, Take-Aways
Alex’s Greek Cooking *
Bear Flat Fish and Chips
Bear Flat Tandoori
Bear Hotel #
Da Vinci Italian Deli
Devonshire Arms *
Good Bear *
Menu Gordon Jones

Rosamund Coppen & Co

Co-op Bear Flat
Tesco Express