Bear Flat Cycle Action Plan Consultation

The cycling charity Sustrans and B&NES Council are considering ideas on how to improve the environment for walking and cycling within the Bear Flat area.  The background to this work is shown in the italicised statement below from B&NES Council.

Sustrans held a pavement presentation of its ideas on 7th March outside the Bear Hotel.  If you didn’t manage to get to this, or if you would like to look at the ideas again, then you can find them on this plan.   Sustrans is keen to hear the comments of residents.  Please email Sustrans directly at, referencing the number and title of the particular change as shown on the plan.

The closing date for comments is Wednesday 21st March.

In 2014 Bath & North East Somerset Council launched a new transport strategy for Bath. One of the key aims is to reduce congestion and allow people to move around to make the long-term economic strategy for the area work. An element of this is a more cycle-friendly city through better cycling routes, building a cycling culture for people of all abilities.  ……Three years ago Bath and North East Somerset were awarded Council Cycle Ambition funding from the Central Government. This has been utilised to fund projects such as the upgrade of the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath. Another project funded through this is the development of a Bath Cycle Action Plan to help address the aims of the Bath Transport Strategy.

…… The Council have commissioned Sustrans (cycling charity) to develop the Cycle Action Plan. The process has been as follows:

  • A combination of a review of a previous cycle network 2014 study and further consultation between the Council and Sustrans identified 5 routes to be assessed and discussed.
  • Of these routes, 8 potential schemes were identified and two have been progressed to outline design; Bear Flats and London Road near the Larkhall area
  • The design process includes community engagement events to inform and improve the design.

The main aims of the Bear Flat proposals is to improve cycle/pedestrian links between the residential areas and the local centre, the city centre, local schools and the existing Two Tunnels route. Although this is a cycling project we have also considered pedestrian improvements as well. Last year some initial community engagement was carried out and from this, we have now developed outline designs to a point where we now intend to carry out a second round of community engagement, again to inform and improve the design.