Residents’ Parking Zone Latest Information – April 24th Implementation

Purchasing Parking Permits
Permits are now available.
Details on how to purchase digital permits can be found here.
If you wish to purchase paper permits, these are available from the council One Stop Shop, 3-4 Manvers Street.

RPZ Update from B&NES Council, 18th April

Dear Gareth. Following on from my latest mail I am pleased to report that we have successfully completing the lining work  for the RPZ scheme with the exception of two very short lengths of road that we couldn’t access due to a skip/parked vehicle. Weather permitting, the lining crew will return after the Easter break to complete this road marking and at the same time take the opportunity to refresh junction markings and speed roundels.
Please pass on my thanks to residents for their continued patience during the delivery of the works.
Immediately after the Easter weekend the team will be installing the posts and signs, starting at the entry to the RPZ,  to warn people seeking parking spaces that they are entering a residents parking zone. We will also be installing the required posts and small sign  plates required by the scheme. The signing work should be completed inside a fortnight.
As previously reported, the residents parking zone will come into operation on 24 April.

Information from B&NES Council on the progress of the RPZ installation works

Temporary parking suspensions are currently in place across the Bear Flat area to enable road markings to be laid for the new Residents’ Parking Zone (RPZ). Parking and loading/unloading is not permitted during dates that the parking suspension is in force and they apply 24 hours a day.

The Council apologises for the confusion that the parking suspension notices have caused. As line painting is weather dependent and our programme can change due to unforeseen circumstances we have placed the restriction across the whole proposed zone to enable the works to be completed on time and allow for any wet weather . Regrettably several streets on our programme has been impacted by the recent rain but thankfully the works are still scheduled to complete on time.

Notices that accompany the yellow ‘parking suspension’ signs give dates that parking may be suspended, but the suspension is only in force when yellow cones are placed along a street. The suspension applies at all times that the yellow cones are in place.  In simple terms, to avoid a Penalty Charge Notice don’t park on any length of road where the yellow cones are placed.

In order to reduce any further confusion our contractor is removing notices where works are complete, updating other notices following our weather related delay and taking away cones where works are complete.

Are you doing other work at the same time?
We are taking the opportunity to empty drainage gullies whilst the streets have been cleared of parked vehicles. Other existing road markings will also be re-painted as this minimises the  inconvenience of further work once the scheme is complete.

Where else can I park during the works?
Until the works are complete residents are requested to either park outside the proposed zone, in accordance with any other parking restrictions . Parking within the proposed Bear Flat RPZ Is permitted as long as there are no yellow cones in place.

Can I park in a neighbouring RPZ?
We are sorry that suspending parking causes inconvenience and we appreciate that it can be difficult to find somewhere else to park, but we have to take this approach to enable the road markings to be laid. Unfortunately we cannot provide an exemption that would allow parking in neighbouring parking zones.

Will I receive a Penalty Charge notice if I park in the Bear Flat RPZ whilst the works progress?
Any motorist can park within the area covered by the zone until the scheme comes into operation. However, you cannot park on lengths of road where the yellow cones have been placed.

If the parking suspension has expired according to the dates on the street notice but no road markings have yet been laid then the road is available for parking again until a new notice is issued with dates of the new suspension. Drivers should check the dates on the notice before they leave their vehicle.

Can I appeal against a Penalty Charge notice I have received?
If a motorist believes they have been unfairly issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) they can appeal it online at, or in writing (further details are on the reverse of the PCN – we do not accept appeals by email).

When does the Residents Parking Zone  come into operation ?
The new RPZ comes into effect on 24 April, when it will be necessary to have a valid permit to park in the permit holder parking bays between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Permits can be purchased from 17th April. Details on how to apply for a permit and eligibility are available on our website at

The RPZ Public Notice
B&NES issued a Public Notice in the Bath Chronicle on Feb 28th detailing the scheme. It will be operational from April the 24th.

Clean Air Zone

The revised scheme will not charge private vehicles .

School Parking

Information on events at Beechen Cliff School that might lead to excessive parking demands, especially in the Poets, can be found on the school’s website.  The school publishes a calendar of events that can be found here:

Coach Parking 

BANES have announced there will be a dedicated Coach Park at Odd Down Park and Ride from early Autumn: