The BFA will consult with you and make representation on your behalf to the various planning issues that come up in our area. Under Planning Issue you will find links in order that you can make your own comments on specific planning issues.

They are involved in making comments on a range regional and local planning documents, most recently B&NES Council’s Placemaking Plan. The Placemaking plan is a document produced to set out how the area should be protected and developed. A copy of the BFA response can be found here

The BFA also promotes the protection of the amenities of Bear Flat and suggests improvements. BFA has drawn up a list of what it sees as the assets of the area as part of the Bath Conservation Area which can be found here

Planning Issues

No current issues

BFA work in this area is led by the BFA planning group – they can be contacted at

The Gore Garden Project

Visit this page for information on the BFA’s Gore Garden Project.