Bath underpass to be refurbished

Bath Clean Air Champions 

A new Bath group ‘Bath Clean Air Champions’ has been formed to help reduce air pollution in Bath by persuading drivers to turn their engines off when they are parked. They are looking for volunteers to help educate both motorists and pedestrians about engine idling and the health impacts of air pollution.

If you are interested in helping with this project, they have a website which provides more information:


Air Pollution in Bath 

Take a look at the council plan called  BreATHe to tackle air quality :

They also have a newsletter


Here is a detailed report produced by ch2m in March 2018


BANES Car Park Charges

UK Air Pollution

RPZ Initial Report 2017

Here are the initial results of the consultation that we did back in late 2017 . The results are presented in summary form by each avenue .

The information in this report is not at an  individual household level as agreed in the consultation

The Council has the full report

RPZ Initial Report

For an informal chat please get in touch at 

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