BFA Data Protection Policy


Members of the Bear Flat Association (BFA) pay an annual subscription, per household, to the BFA which, in return, provides a monthly newsletter plus, from time to time, additional information that the Association believes would be of interest to its members.

What personal data does the BFA hold?

The BFA holds personal data on each member and only as supplied by that member. The data held is as follows: Your name(s), address, phone number (optional), email address (required if you have one).

Is my personal data secure and who can access it?

Your personal data is held securely within the Membermojo membership database and can only be accessed by you and by nominated personnel who are charged with BFA membership communication.

How can I see my personal data?

If you wish to check your personal data at any time, just log in to your BFA record. If you wish to change anything then you can do so on the Membermojo page.

Does the BFA share personal data with other organisations?

The BFA will not share your personal data with other individuals or organisations. If there appears to be a pressing need to do so, your explicit consent will be sought.

Do I need to opt-in to receive BFA information?

Because you have a paid subscription, we are obliged to supply you with information relevant to the neighbourhood, as a minimum the newsletter. We are therefore not asking for your opt-in as we do not believe it is necessary under the new General Data Protection Regulation. We will of course update you should we find that this situation changes.

What happens to my data if I leave the Bear Flat Association?

  1. If you decide to withdraw your membership of BFA, please contact our membership secretary at the email address below. All of your personal data will be deleted from our records.
  2. If your subscription lapses, that is you have not renewed your subscription before the end of the calendar year, then your personal data will be deleted from our records.

Who in the BFA is responsible for data privacy?

The BFA has appointed our membership secretary, Jeremy Opie, as the data protection officer. If you have any concerns, please contact him at

Want to know more about the new Data Protection Regulation?

You can find out more about the DPR from the Information Commissioner’s Office.