The Bear Flat Association (BFA) is a subscription membership residents’ association, set up in 2012 and constituted to represent the interests of residents, clubs and businesses in the wonderful area of Bath known as ‘Bear Flat’.

The Committee

The BFA is run by a committee of local residents who meet every two months to manage the business of the Association.  The committee comprises the expected posts of Chair, Association Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary as well as those of Social and Publicity Secretaries.  The Association has conveners running specialist groups for Transport, Planning, History and the Community Market.  We also have representation for the Friends of Bloomfield Green and the Friends of Alexandra Park.

The current committee line-up is as follows:

Chair:                                                               Nick Francis
Vice-Chair:                                                         vacant
Association Secretary:                                    Bob Hughes
Treasurer:                                                        Mark Richardson
Membership Secretary:                                  James Gibson
Social Media:                                                  Cat Smith
Social Secretary:                                                vacant
Planning & Transport Group Convener:       Timothy Cantell
History Group Convener:                               Gareth Somerset
Food Group Convener (Hayes Place Ltd):       Judith Eversley
Friends of Bloomfield Green:                           vacant
Friends of Alexandra Park:                             Collin Carr

Street Representatives

The committee is also supported by a small and dedicated army of Street Representatives who undertake the vital job of delivering leaflets, etc, through the doors of Bear Flat residents.


You can find the BFA’s constitution here.

Annual General Meetings

AGM 2021

Minutes from the previous AGMs are available below

AGM 2020
AGM 2019
AGM 2018
AGM 2017
AGM 2016
AGM 2013
AGM 2012
Inaugural meeting 22.06.12

BFA Groups

BFA’s own groups include:

BFA Flyer Archive

All members of the BFA receive a monthly newsletter – the Bear Flat Flyer.  An archive of previous issues can be found here.

We run a ‘How well do you know Bath’ photo quiz in the flyer.  You are welcome to submit photos that could be used in future editions.  Send your photo to newsletter@bearflat.org.uk.  Please note that if you do so, you are giving the BFA the right to use your photograph free of charge for the sole purpose of the quiz.  So that you can see what subjects have been used previously, click here for the list.

Committee Area