The BFA is a subscription  association  constituted to represent the interests of residents, clubs and businesses in the wonderful area of Bath known as ‘Bear Flat’.

The Committee

The BFA is run by a committee of local residents who meet every two months to manage the business of the Association. 

The current committee line-up is as follows:

Chair:           David Morgan 
Vice-Chair:  Nick Francis 
Secretary:    Jeremy Trenchard 
Treasurer:    Mark Richardson 
Membership:     James Gibbons 
Planning & Transport:   Timothy Cantell 
History :  Gareth Somerset 
Food Group:   Helen Scamell & Judith Eversley 
Friends of Bloomfield Green:  

Friends of Alexandra Park:        Collin Car

Ordinary Members: Thelma Grimes; Jill Kingaby; Jane Allan  


Would you like to get involved ?

We are looking for people with the time, experience and enthusiasm in the following areas:

Organising Events

Environment , Parks and Trees

Food / Café



Local Business Promotion

If so , then please get in touch : enquiries@bearflat.org.uk


Annual General Meetings

AGM 2022: Minutes + Highlights of reports submitted (annual reports from all the BFA’s groups e.g. Friends of Bloomfield Green and of Alexandra Park, food, planning & transport)
And here you will find the slides from the presentation by our AGM speaker, Alex Lockton of Bath & West Community Energy

AGM 2021 Minutes + papers submitted The file contains all the reports from BFA groups e.g. planning & transport, food, environment

Minutes from the previous AGMs are available below

AGM 2020
AGM 2019
AGM 2018
AGM 2017 
AGM 2016
AGM 2013
AGM 2012
Inaugural meeting 22.06.12


Committee Area