Bath Clean Air Zone Update

The huge number of responses (8,400) to the B&NES Consultation on the proposed Clean Air Zone led the Council to delay any decision for the foreseeable future.  A revised scheme was to have been introduced in November 2020, bringing in a Class C clean air zone (CAZ),. Most higher-emission vehicles would be charged to drive in the city centre. Cars (excluding taxis/PHVs) and motorbikes would not be charged in the zone. 

The scheme also features proposals to reduce the flow of traffic into Queen Square (enabling private cars to be exempt from charges), and a range of support to lessen the impact of the zone and encourage a shift to cleaner travel and transport. This includes a financial assistance scheme for those affected by charges.

In light of government guidance during the Covid-19 crisis, the CAZ will now not go live before January 2021. The latest information is on the Council’s Breathe web-page.

Follow these links to read the Council’s detailed case for the CAZ and the results of the CAZ consultation.

And if you wondered where it all started, read this article in The Guardian.

The Clean Air Zone (first announced in April 2020) will be introduced on 15 March 2021.

Council Air Quality Status Report

BANES have published their latest Air Quality Status Report.  Reports for the last three years (2016 to 2018) can be found here.

Bath Clean Air Champions 

A new Bath group ‘Bath Clean Air Champions’ has been formed to help reduce air pollution in Bath by persuading drivers to turn their engines off when they are parked. They are looking for volunteers to help educate both motorists and pedestrians about engine idling and the health impacts of air pollution. If you are interested in helping with this project, visit the website of the Bath Living Streets Group for more information.