Current Planning Issues

Footpath consultation Autumn 2023

B&NES Council is drawing up a legal record of public rights of way: footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and BOATs (byways open to all traffic) in Bath, consulting residents and residents ‘ associations like BFA. We circulated the draft map and the draft list of paths to be sure that the list is as comprehensive and accurate as possible. It could be years before another such consultation comes along for our area so it’s important we help the Council to get things right. The BFA response to the consultation supports most of the paths shown, but also raises some queries and points out a few possible omissions.

Keep Snowy snowy!

When we heard that The Bear pub was to be refurbished and its lighting and signage revised, we asked the brewery to confirm that the polar bear over the front door would be retained. We then heard first that it was to be removed, and then that it would be retained – but painted brown! Consultation on this closed on 23rd December and a decision is expected on or after 18 January 2022. Read our statement to see what the Bear Flat Association is doing to protect this much-loved landmark.

Liveable Neighbourhoods

BFA responded to the Council’s consultation on Liveable Neighbourhoods. There is more on the consultation at The BFA response is here.

Plan for student accommodation, corner of Wells Road and Wellsway

The scheme
Planning application 20/01591/FUL was submitted to B&NES Council for an extension to 138 Wells Road and 2-6 Wellsway, to create 28 units of purpose-built student accommodation. This concerns the block containing Fidelis, Menu Gordon Jones and the single-storey shop round the corner on Wells Road. The scheme would mean adding a fourth storey slightly set back from the frontage. The single-storey shop on Wells Road would become three storeys. Alterations at ground floor level would be minimal, and apparently Fidelis and Menu Gordon Jones would continue. The plans can be seen on the B&NES web site.

The planning application (20/01591/FUL) was refused by B&NES Council on 1 September 2020. The stated reason was: The creation of purpose built student accommodation (sui generis) would result in the loss of 6 residential units (C3). There are no demonstrable and substantial conservation, economic, social or environmental benefits that would outweigh the harm resulting from this loss of residential accommodation. The development is therefore contrary to Bath and North East Somerset Placemaking Plan policy H5.

BFA view

After an email consultation with BFA members, the Planning and Transport Group submitted an objection to the proposal.  You can read the text here.

Existing block