How do I join or renew my membership subscription?

To join or renew, or to amend your record just follow this link . If you are amending your record, please use the Sign In option at the top of the page.

If you have trouble joining/renewing, and would prefer instead to download and deliver a  membership form, please click here

The BFA membership subscription is £5 per year for a household, business or club.  The membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September.  You will receive a membership card that gives you access to the various incentives offered by Bear Flat businesses, see below.

What do I receive as a BFA member?

Our monthly newsletter the Bear Flat Flyer tells you about forthcoming local events and issues affecting the community.  You get the first invitations to our social events – the Ceilidh, Quiz nights, Gathering on the Green, Carols by Torchlight and more. We also run a regular ‘How well do you know Bath’ photo quiz and advice on staying safe and secure.

We try to keep other email correspondence to a minimum – we know that too many emails can be burdensome and annoying.  However, if urgent issues arise that fall outside the normal newsletter cycle, we will email you directly to let you know.

Looking after your Data

For our approach to protecting your data under GDPR, please click here.